Donations with a bigger impact!

We aim to make it simpler for you to make a difference - plant a small donation, ask 3 friends to join you and watch your donation tree grow!

GiverThree. The new way to give.

We focus our support on non-mainstream charities, these are the current charities we are raising for:

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Plant a seed.

Start your tree with a £3 donation - you’ll receive your personal referral link.

Get 3 friends to join in with their own £3 donation. They must each do the same!

Watch. It. Grow.

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Our Goal.

To reach £5,000 in donations and share it equally among the charities shown on the homepage.

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Your Challenge.

To grow the largest donation tree! Start now with your £3 and find 3 friends in 10 days to become GOLD.

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You are GOLD!

Become a GiverThree GOLD member when you get 3 friends to join your donation tree in 10 days.
You’ll be invited to special events, and be able to suggest charities to benefit from future donations.

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A personal dashboard.

Track and compare your stats with friends.

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Plant your donation tree now.

Help make a difference with just 1 donation.

The new way to give!