What is GiverThree? How does it work?

“Donations with a bigger impact”. GiverThree, an online charity donation platform, aims to revolutionise the way people donate. A user can donate only one pre-determined amount of money, more specifically £3 (or its equivalent in other currencies). That user will then have 10 days to find 3 other people (or more), using social media to challenge friends, to donate £3 as well - and then the process repeats itself. Assuming one is successful in finding 3 people (or more) to donate £3, one will see his personal donation tree grow significantly and will become a GiverThree GOLD member (allowing you to be invited to our special events and suggest charities). These 3 people will also need to find 3 other people - and so on and so forth - to induce what we call a 'donation tree'. The cool thing is that, at any given time, a user can see how many subsequent £3 donations have resulted from his/her initial £3 donation! In short, we give small donation a big impact!

What happens if I don’t find three people?

Don’t worry - your money still goes to charity! However GOLD member benefits will not be available to you. You will still have the option to become a GiverThree GOLD member if you donate another extra £3.

How do I invite people to my donation tree? How do I enter someone’s donation tree?

After having donated £3 you will have access to your dashboard on which you will see information about your donation tree, including your referral code (which looks like https://giverthree.com/?referral_code=12345). Simply share your referral code with friends to invite them to your donation tree. Once they have clicked on it, they will be redirected to the homepage but GiverThree will know that you have referred them from the referral code included in the link you shared.

Does GiverThree earn any money?

GiverThree is a non-profit and we run and maintain our website. However, for supporting GiverThree and our service, we take a 5% fee off donations on top of the transaction fees (which are the fees that go to the payment provider, not us!). Our 5% fee is used to cover operational expenses in order to keep maintaining our Website and its associated services. Both fees combined approximate 11.5% of donations. Our fee is subject to change - however if that happens the new fee will not apply to past donations and we will make it clear that our fee has changed.

What charities are the donations for?

The donations will then be distributed to numerous causes and registered charities. We have chosen five registered charities for our start, but we are working on implementing a voting system so that our donators will be able to vote which charities the donations will go to. The first £5,000 raised will be evenly distributed to the five initially-chosen registered charities (those on our homepage) - after which we will open the voting system to determine the next five registered charities for the second round of donations.

Will the charities chosen only be UK-based ones?

No. We are a UK-based organisation but that does not stop us from giving donations to non-UK based charities.

How do I contact GiverThree?

If you just want to say ‘hello’, want a refund for your donation, or you want to inquire about something, feel free to send us an email at hello@giverthree.com. For any press/media queries, please contact us on hello@giverthree.com.